W.F.George Middle School


W.F. George Middle School
We are committed to creating an environment
that is academically stimulating, responsive
student needs, and supportive to students,
parents, and teachers.
We hope you enjoy the
W.F. George Middle School Experience
     Up Coming Events:  
  • March 16-20   SPRING BREAK
  • March 30         7th STAAR Writing (day 1)
  • March 31         7th STAAR Writing (day 2)  &  8th STAAR Reading
  • April 20           8th STAAR Math
  • April 21           6th STAAR Math - 7th STAAR Math - 8th STAAR Social Studies
  • April 22           6th STAAR Reading - 7th STAAR Reading - 8th STAAR Science